My Crafts Page got it’s beginnings in 2004 when I first discovered polymer clay crafting. I created easy to follow polymer clay tutorials of the polymer clay character beads that I was selling on ebay. Through the years My Crafts Page has essentially been a polymer clay depot for anything polymer clay. Today I want to transform My Crafts Page into a crafting and crafting idea portal featuring crafts of various topics. So check back often to discover new crafting tutorials or submit your own to be displayed on My Crafts Page.

This Week's Featured Crafts

mycraftsaboutme-lrgMy name is Tommy Venable and yep, that’s a pic of me when I was 5 years old. I remember taking this picture like it was yesterday. It was Easter Sunday and I was really excited to go Easter egg hunting. Arts and crafts has always been a great passion of mine and this picture signifies the very beginning of my journey.